Product Overview - Mechanics and Accessories

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Installation / data / multimedia components:
19" Multimedia rack system and accessories
Top-hat rail casing, D-flange
Empty panels for wall installation
Microphhone stand ONE-HIDE-STAND

Multipair system components:
Gooseneck lamp
19" Rack inserts / rack drawers / drawers / service flaps
Modular systems
Multipin adapter --- PG29
19" Panels
19" Panel casings
Stagebox empty casing Plug Mama MK II
Stagebox empty casing The 19" Series
Stagebox empty casing The Boxx
SCHILL information
SIDEGUIDER for cable drums
Empty drums by Schill
Cover panels, transport devices for cable drums
Cable drums, stackable
Cable drums by SOMMER CABLE

Kabel working tools

Studio & stage equipment / accessories:
Protective bags
Cable channels / cable bridge / cable tape

Installation accessories:
Gaffa tapes, insulating tapes
Repair tape
Insulating tubing PVC
Shring tubing with inside adhesive
Shrink tubing set, numbered
Shrink tubing set, labeled
Shrink tubing in dispenser box
Velcro tape
Cable binders
Spiral tubing
Braided hosing / cable hosing
Cable channels + adapters for permanent installation
Holding fixtures for beamer + flat screen monitors
Cable looms + accessories
Cable cleaner
Cable labels
Contact / silicone / cold spray / fine cleaner / label remover

Tools / measuring instruments:
Stripping tools
Screw driver
Installation tool
Multipurpose tool HICON
Wire end sleeves, silver solder
Crimping pliers
E / H-field measuring instrument
Cable tester MCT8
NTI generators and analyzers

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